Developing Your Arête Purpose

Arete Consulting What We Do

Does your organization want to achieve a higher level of success? Or are you simply wanting to reclaim relevance?

When at such a crossroad, a Strategic Plan can pinpoint your vision and create a map to get you there. Our qualified and knowledgeable partners serve as your expert guides.  

Our Arête Purpose partners:

^ Ensure that the plan stays true to your culture and mission.
^ Lead a proven process that helps you recognize your challenges, determine realistic goals and create a feasible plan.
^ Facilitate each phase so that your leadership team remains focused and efficient.
^ Challenge your team to be candid, creative and engaged.
^ Promote collaboration and commitment.

Our Focus

^ Strategic Planning
^ Board Engagement
^ Culture Development

The Arête Purpose Difference

When undertaking a Strategic Plan, everyone wants to write down a list of goals and tactics – and get to work. Unfortunately, a hurry-up process fails because you haven't addressed your vision and group dynamics.

Courageous Conversations dig deep into your organization's culture and purpose. You address questions such as: 

^ Who are we now? 
^ Who do we want to be? 
^ How do we discover our purpose? 
^ What is our message? 
^ What makes us different?
^ How do we connect others to our message? 
^ What is our path?

These courageous conversations lead to clarity, collaboration and connection – the hallmarks of a successful Strategic Plan.

Let's Start a Courageous Conversation